Leadership & Management – Individual Modules
(Each session is 4 hours)

When you think of your management team, there are things that they are doing well and there are areas that need improvement.

The first step of our process is for you and/or your organization to decide what you would like your management team
to be doing that they are not and then selecting the relevant 4 hour modules from the list below. Once you have identified the areas necessary for improvement we will work with you to create the most appropriate program.

Leading and Managing – The Fundamentals

The Differences Between Leadership And Management
• What is leadership?
• What is management?
• The principles of management
• The principles of leadership
• The qualities of great leaders
• The fatal flaws of leadership
• When to lead and when to manage
• Understanding your management style
• Understanding the style of others

Situational Leadership
• Varying approaches to leadership
• Leadership traits vs. style
• Situational Leadership
• Developmental levels
• The 6 leadership styles you need to master
• Leadership – an integrated model

Influencing Others
• Definitions of influencing
• Qualities and Behaviours of an Effective Influencer
• Empathy – Their needs and motivators
• The Principles and Skills of Rapport
• Flexibility – The importance of adapting
• Persuasive messaging
• Assertive vs Persuasive – When to use each
• Planning an influence strategy

Strategic Planning and Decision Making
• The planning process – steps to success
• Where are we now?
• Barriers to success
• Preferred scenario
• How could this be achieved
• Short term and long term planning
• Effective decision making
• Encouraging quality thinking
• Creating buy-in
• From decision to action

Creative and Innovative Decision Making
• The limitations of argument and adversarial thinking
• De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats
• The power of parallel thinking
• Increasing productivity in meetings
• Systematic vs. occasional use of the hats
• Lateral thinking tools – increasing innovation
• Harvesting ideas